Vermi Food Solutions
a little story about Vermi
Vermi Food Solutions is a corporation selling healthy foods and snacks product. Established on March 2017. Vermi Food Solution is a subsidary company of Vermi Industries Sdn Bhd.

Our History:
Vermi Food Solutions is a subsidary company of Vermi Industries that was established in 1964. Vermi Food Solution exist when we notice that there is too many unhealthy products in the market and we decided to start a new industry that promotes healthy food to the public.

We have a good track record of providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
services to local retailers.

It is always our first priority to ensure the safety and wholesome
of our products for customers consumption.

Healthy Vermi Food!

Daily Nuts

Since 1964

A healthy outside, starts from the inside!
Robert Urich
Eat Good, Feel Good
Discover our daily nuts
Nutritious breakfast.
Kick off your morning with our collection of healthy snacks.
Healthy "snack".
Good healthy snacks can keep energy levels going all day.
Intimate afternoon tea.
These healthy snack ideas are perfect afternoon tea.
Outdoor energy supply station.
Make energy balls with nutrients and protein that’s portable and delish!
Green "nutritious meal " for children.
A super simple snack that’s healthy for kids.
Delicate souvenir.
Show love to friends and family by giving this daily nuts as souvenir.