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All You Need to Know About Healthy Nuts – Nuts Good For Your Health

Making the right snack option can be hard. Especially when you by default crave the oh-so-good sugary and salty. Try snacking on healthy nuts more. They’re one of the healthiest snacks.    Don’t know how many healthy nuts to eat to max out its benefits? Here’s read more

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5 Healthy Nuts for Diabetics

What we choose to eat every day has a big impact on whether we develop type 2 diabetes or worsen a prevailing condition. With around 3.6 million Malaysians suffering from diabetes (with another 2.6 million who likely don’t realise it), diabetes is widespread and.. read more

Foods avoid while pregnant, foods harmful for babies

10 Healthy Nuts for Keto Diets | Healthy Nuts for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to try eating healthy nuts for keto dieting. Keto diets work by reducing daily carbohydrate intake, which switches your body into fat-burning mode (ketosis) instead of fat-storing mode. Instead of eating a lot of…read more

Foods avoid while pregnant, foods harmful for babies

16 Seemingly Harmless Foods That Will Harm You & Your Baby

If you’re looking for healthy food for pregnancy, a good place to start is to be mindful of what you eat (healthy nuts are a good food to eat during pregnancy, by the way). It’s even more important to eat right during a pregnancy because you’re… read more

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5 [ Nuts for Brain Health ] – Work Faster, Live Better

Healthy Nuts and Seeds For a Smarter You It’s true: nuts are good for the brain. So much so that plenty of studies have been done on nuts and we now know a lot more about why they’re good for us. Here’s what they found: they’re abundant in…read more

真正健康的小零食: 美国加拿大进口100%有机野生莓果干 · 小小15粒满足成人一天所需维他命C

by stephanie | Jul 3, 2019 | Healthy Nuts

我们经常听见各种带有「Berry 莓」的水果,比如草莓、蓝莓和蔓越莓等。莓果类最为人熟知的是它养颜美容的效果,而马来西亚最容易找到的是蓝莓和蔓越莓。虽然女生多吃有助延缓衰老、提升好气色等,但若要长期吃却是一笔不小的花费啊!其实,现在就有了这种超方便携带的莓果干零食,它不仅是采用天然有机栽种法,首创以苹果汁取代糖分的聪明做法,吃起来不会甜腻而且很健康,保证你吃了「莓」问题!read more