Wolong Daily Nuts A (Cranberry) 25g x 30 packs

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Wolong daily nuts A is suitable for all categories, especially beneficial to women. Dried cranberry has indispensable vitamin C and many other nutrients among 3 dried fruits.

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Wolong Daily Nuts A contains 4 kinds of natural nuts and dried fruits respectively: almond kernel, cashew kernel, walnut kernel, hazelnut kernel, dried blueberry, and dried cranberry, 25 g per pack which provides the daily nutrients to the human body.

Why Choose Wolong Daily Nuts A?

1) Nutritious of 6 type nuts mixture!

  • Daily nuts (A) : Almond 26%(6.5g), cashew 20%(5.0g), walnut kernel 18%(4.5g),dried cranberry 14%(3.5g), dried blueberry 12%(3.0g), hazelnut kernel 10%(2.5g)
  • Daily nuts (B):Almond 26%(6.5g), walnut kernel 20%(5.0g), cashew 18%(4.5g), blackcurrant 14%(3.5g), dried blueberry 12%(3.0g), hazelnut kernel 10%(2.5g)
  • Daily nuts (C) : Almond 25%(8.75g), cashew 20%(7.0g), walnut kernel 18%(6.3g),dried cranberry 15%(5.25g), dried blueberry 12%(4.2g), hazelnut kernel 10%(3.5g)

2) 25g Scientific Nutritious Ratio

We quantify daily package is 25g, which based on the Asian nuts ADI (acceptable daily intake) (20-30g), it is golden scientific healthy nutritious ratio. People who eat nuts every day will reduce any risk from death. but, nuts are high-calorie foods, too much ADI will lead to fat.

3) Primary Colour & Original Taste

All the products adhere to light baking process to retain the natural flavor and quality. The best raw material, so dare to use
“Original Flavor Baking”!

4) Daily Nuts Suggested Serving Plan

Every breakfast stats with one pack of Daily Nuts in the morning, the beginning of the day’s energy, the beginning of the nutrition. One pack a day 25g, full of nutrition, anywhere you go, take it along in the office, trip, sport or study! 6 type nuts reasonable collocation;one pack high quality nuts a day to enjoy the high quality life! Also suggest taking daily nuts with:

  • Yogurt / Daily nuts
  • Porridge / Daily nuts
  • Milk / Daily nuts
  • Soybean milk / Daily nuts
  • Breakfast snacks / Daily nuts
  • Ice cream / Daily nuts

5) Daily Nuts Benefits

6 types of nuts

6) Premium Daily Nuts Ingredients

benefits of daily nuts



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