Diamond Grains Coffee Forever Granola


Ideal for those who love healthy food because it is packed with nutrients which is beneficial to the body.
• Do not contain milk, eggs, wheat flour. And any white flour.
• No sugar, milling and preservatives.
Granola is commonly eaten as breakfast with milk or yogurt.
Also can be eaten with salad or to eat as snack.

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Diamond Grains Coffee Forever

Busy with work? No time to cook? A better options for a quick breakfast is always the cereals with milk or the bread with jam. You may take a wholewheat bread as a healthier breakfast. However, most of the wholewheat bread of the general market is made by wheat flours. The only way you can consume hundred percents of wholewheat bread is to make it on your own. Here we would like to introduce you a brand of granola, Diamond Grains.

Diamond Grains is Thailand No.1 best selling Granola. It is using the healthy ingredient likes Oat, Nuts, Chia Seeds, & Dried Fruit. It didn’t add on any wheat and artificial or refined sugar. The ingredients of flavor Coffee Forever include Rolled Oat, Cashew nut, Rice Bran Oil, Unrefined Sugar and Coffee Powder.

What is Granola?

Well, first off, the name Granola is derived from the words granular & grain with the suffix originating in the US.

Granola is a type of cold cereal. The toasted rolled oats is the typical ingredient of granola. Due to the Individual formulations may vary depending on brand, it will use different grains and ingredients. Some people eat granola as a breakfast, either plain or added to yogurt or milk. Besides the loose form like cereal, granola is also commonly packed into bars. As a result, people can eat as an on-the-go convenience meal or snack.

8 Benefits of Perilla Seeds

  • Improve Intelligent & Brains fitness
  • Reduce Cholesterol level & lower blood lipid
  • Inhibit tumor
  • Protect the liver
  • Protect Eye Level
  • Resist Aging
  • Omega-3
  • High Fiber

Waking up fresh with this delicious granola and the fragrant coffee aroma. The combination of oats, perilla seeds and cashew nuts creates this crunchy granola. Simply enjoy it with some low-fat milk. It is high fiber balances the digestive system giving you a better figure and health.

✔ Healthy
✔ Vegan
✔ No wheat flour, refined sugar, refined flour or chemical additives added.
✔ 500g bag save 4-5 cups

Diamond Grains is committed to discover, develop, import and export products that help ease people’s health problems with transparency & sincerity. It aim to offer an impressive product experience with great taste. Moreover, it also aims to engage and listen to its customers’ feedback. As a result, it can continually improve and develop its products that truly meet their needs.

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