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Patience Organic Whole & Soft Dried Cranberries Gently Sweetened 142g


• Ideal for baking

• Breakfast and Salads

• Source of Fiber

• Additive Free

• Sulfite Free

• Worldwide Certified(EU, JAS, USA, CANADA)

• World leader for organic cranberries

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Our Dried Cranberries


Pioneer of Organic Cranberries

  • We are the first organic cranberry farm in 2000
  • Today we grow/process/pack 70% of global supply
  • We only vertically-integrated supplier of OG cranberries

 A unique value proposition

  • We are number 1 in organic cranberry supplier for nearly 20 years
  • We are offering the first organic “whole” dried cranberries

Firstly, we use unique process that preserves the integrity of the fruit. Generally speaking, most brands of dried cranberries are only offer “sliced” cranberries rather than whole cranberries.

Whole berries are only part of what is unique about Patience.  Our berries preserve more of the fruit – this means better flavor AND texture.  Our Whole & Juicy is our supreme berry which is so moist, plump and tender.  Sample this one on every call!


These delicious and perfectly tender whole dried cranberries will delight all berry-lovers. We carefully infuse them with just the right amount of sugar to complement, but not overpower, with the cranberry’s distinctive tartness.


We are a dedicated organic farmers. We don’t use any genetically modified ingredients, synthetic chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.

The berries are rich in antioxidant properties, polyphenols. It is naturally present in cranberries. These gently sweetened dried cranberries contain 90mg of polyphenols in every 40g serving.


Because we believe that doing things right is better than rushing through them, so we harvest with care and slowly dried our organic berries. This process yields a juicier, softer, better berry for you to savour and enjoy.


Lastly, you may savor these whole berries on their own. Besides, you may cook with them in your recipes, or pair them with an assortment of fine cheeses. Furthermore, these berries are also an excellent companion to your favorite mixed nuts or seeds.

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