Patience Fruit & Co (Organic Dried Fruit) Pure Organic Wild Blueberry Juice (946ml)


Pure Organic Wild Blueberry Juice

• Per 1 cup (250ml)

• No added water & sugar

• Additive Free

• Sulfite Free

• Worldwide Certified(EU, JAS, USA, CANADA)

• World leader for organic cranberries, wild blueberry, tart cherry

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Natural Pure Organic Fruit Juice are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular. Often labeled a super food, low in calories and incredibly good for you. They’re so tasty and convenient that many people consider them their favorite fruit because no sugar or water is added, Natural Pure Organic Fruit Juice 100% berry juices are naturally very strong.

Wild Blueberry Definition

Wild blueberries are a unique species that are quite different from typical “high-bush” blueberries. It is grown in harsh northern climates. The wild variety is smaller in size but contains a higher level of antioxidant than high-bush varieties. Known as polyphenols, the antioxidant level of wild blueberries is 3x higher than cranberries! Wild blueberries offer intense flavor and are packed with nutrition.

At Patience Fruit & Co, we harvest wild blueberries from our farms in Quebec and New Brunswick where they grow both wild (in the forest) and in fields. Labor-intensive foraging is the only way to get the benefit of these very special little berries.

Pure Organic Wild Blueberry Juice

Get your daily dose of polyphenols with our 100% pure organic blueberry juice! Not made from concentrate and with no added water or sugar. It’s perfect as is in the morning for breakfast or to add a little splash of flavour to your drinks or sparkling beverages.

We practice organic farming, which means we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, nor any chemical artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Known for their antioxidant properties, polyphenols are naturally present in wild blueberries. Our juice contains 456 mg of polyphenols per 250 ml serving.

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