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What is the best way to store food from us?

Store at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat.

What should I know about the ingredients for Wolong Daily Nuts?

Both contain of 4 nuts and 2 berries mixture:

  • Daily Nuts Dried Cranberry & Blueberry: Almond 26% (6.5g), cashew 20% (5.0g), walnut kernel 18% (4.5g), dried cranberry 14% (3.5g), dried blueberry 12% (3.0g), hazelnut kernel 10% (2.5g).
  • Daily Nuts Dried Blackcurrant & Blueberry: Almond 26% (6.5g), walnut kernel 20% (5.0g), cashew 18% (4.5g), blackcurrant 14% (3.5g), dried blueberry 12% (3.0g), hazelnut kernel 10% (2.5g).
What is the origin of the ingredient of the Wolong Daily Nuts?

Our Organic nuts and berries came from all around the world. their origins are as follows:

  1. American Almond, Cranberry and Walnut.
  2. Canadian Blue Berries
  3. Vietnamese Cashews
  4. Turkey’s Hazelnut
  5. Chinese Raisin.
What about the nutrition of Wolong Daily Nuts?

We quantify daily package is 25g, which based on the Asian Healthy nuts ADI (acceptable daily intake) (20-30g), it is a golden scientific healthy nutritious ratio. People who eat nuts every day will reduce any risk from death. But, nuts are high-calorie foods, too much ADI might lead to fat.

What is the different between Patience Fruit & Co and other brands?

We taking the time to do things right.; taking the time to respect nature; taking the time to showcase the best of our berries; taking the time to contribute to developing organic agriculture; taking the time to develop the best products.

How Patience Fruits & Co process the dried berries?

We use a unique drying process that occurs slowly over a long period. Our berries are fully grown, and then gently dried to the perfect point, just the amount for them to retain as much of their flavour and nutrition as possible.